This area of the Sierra de Segura Spain has been populated by Iberians, Romans and Arabs. There are numerous archaeological remains to be found. Here the Segura and Zumeta rivers join in channels and picturesque valleys. A few kilometers away is the beautiful Spanish tourist village of Las Juntas De Miller.

The landscape around Las Juntas De Miller is stunning with steep valleys and mostly thick forest with pines, cypress, poplar, oak, ash and olive. This area is a typical Mediterranean forest with rivers and many lakes.

The area is superb for hiking, walking, climbing, rafting, canyoning and paragliding. The lake is wide in many places where you can fish for trout or cool off in the hot summer months.

Magnificent views of Las Juntas De Miller can be enjoyed from the area known as Loma del Paeron. Here there is a natural viewing point offering splendid panoramic views of the valleys. Opposite are the Canas de la Muela, home to a large colony of griffon vultures. Also to be found is the ancient Iberian settlement of Penbon de los Almendros and the hamlet of Gontar. Las Juntas De Miller is a great spot for adventure holidays or just chilling out.

Las Juntas de Miller can be reached via the JF-7038, 22 kilometres on from Santiago de la Espada. You can also get there from Segura de la Sierra, following the road towards Rio Madera and La Toba. It is a journey of 54 kilometres via this route, and takes approximately one hour.

This is truly a magical area well worth the effort to discover its charms.

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Reasons to move to this area.

  • Diverse climate with hot summers and cool winters.
  • Government help with tourist business start ups.
  • Friendly people.
  • Amazing landscapes and forests.
  • A great area to operate rural and adventure tourism.


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