Business startup the things to consider

Business startup – Things to Consider Before Starting a New Business.

To start a business is not easy, business startup requires courage, planning and careful implementation. There has been a contradiction on how best to start, some people say you need the idea and skills to provide a service or product, then you can look for your customers. Others say you have to identify your customers, know their needs before you start the business to satisfy them. This is just like the tale of the chicken and the egg and which existed first.

For me the important thing is for you to know that a lot of people who started their business failed in the first three months, others within six months and that the chances of you failing in your own business in this recession period is very high. Unless you are ready to do what it takes for you not to fail? To ensure you don’t fail, I have put some strategies you have to consider and implement.

What Type of Company Do you Want to Start.
The first step is that you have to choose what type of company you want to start. Is it a sole proprietor or a partnership? If it’s a partnership, do you want to get friends and relatives to invest and become part owners of the business or you want to sell your shares through the stock market. Whichever one you choose determines the level of risk you face, tax you pay and profit margin you make.

Knowing your Customers.
This is one of the most important aspects of your business. You must identify the people who need your services or products and plan how you will reach them and satisfy them. You have to do a market research to understand them and also do a need analyses to unravel their needs and how they want to be served. You can stay in business without making profit for some time but you can stay in business without patronage. You have to be guided by the old maxim that the Customer is King. Remember if you treat your customer well, you will not only be assured of repeat patronage but also of referrals.

Monitoring your Competitors.
Keeping a tab on your competitors is also important, firstly to know what they are doing right and to try and do it better, secondly to know what they are not doing right and try and outsmart them. Competition is all about fighting for market shares, so if you position your brand well, you can gradually take over their shares and dominate the market.

How you pay yourself and your employees matters. No doubt, if you pay pee nut, you will have monkeys for workers. However, you don’t have to be extravagant and spend all your money on wages without putting some back into the business for growth and expansion. Prudence and discipline is very important in running a business. You have to define an amount that you will earn monthly just like your employees. If you keep spending money anyhow from the business, you will ruin it.

Marketing and Publicity.
This is the nucleus of your business. If you do not have publicity and marketing skills, get a professional that will help you. Even if you running a personal business, it does not mean that you cannot outsource some services to professionals.

Staff Requirement.
You have to recruit efficient staff to work for you. You may not have enough funds to hire professionals but you can hire people with passion and commitment. They will learn on the job and grow with you. Treat your employees with respect and professionally. That they are working for you does not mean that they do not have value. Your competitor can poach them and mar your business.

Legal Requirements.
Stay on the right side of the law by obeying the rules and regulations of doing business in your locality. You also need to be careful while choosing location for your business whether it be looking for a land for sale or a vacant property for sale. Do not cut corners, it can boomerang with serious consequences when you least expect. Your competition can also use it against you. The consequences could be enormous, it could lead to closing your business, spending money paying Lawyers during litigation, wasting of your precious time and you may even end up in jail.

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Puglia Region of Italy

The Puglia region of Italy is the long strip of land, 400km from north to south, that makes up the heel of Italy. For centuries it was a strategic province, colonized, invaded and conquered by just about every major power of the day – from the Greeks through to the Spanish.

The Puglia region of Italy these days offers clean seas and reliable sunshine which draws holiday-makers both Italian and foreign. There are campsite-and-bungalow-type tourist villages along the shoreline. Low-cost flights to Bari and Brindisi have opened up the area to British tourists.

The Puglia region of Italy boasts a wonderful Mediterranean climate that makes it an excellent holiday destination for most of the year.

The spring comes early and is generally warm and sunny, with temperatures rising to the early twenties by the end of April.

The summer is long, hot and dry and lasts from the end May through to the end of September. Temperatures typically rise to around the 30°C mark in July and August, with the occasional hotter week here and there. The sea warms up wonderfully to the mid 20s, making swimming and bathing greatly pleasurable. Puglia’s glorious beaches come alive!

Puglia is known as the breadbasket of Italy. It’s the source of 80 percent of Europe’s pasta and much of Italy’s fish; it produces more wine than Germany and more olive oil than all the other regions of Italy combined. It’s famous for olives (from Cerignola), almonds (from Ruvo di Puglia), dark juicy tomatoes (often sun-dried), cime di rapa (turnip tops), fava beans, figs (fresh and dried), cotognata (a moulded jam made from quince) and for its melons, grapes and green cauliflower.

There’s plenty of architectural interest in the Puglia region of Italy, as each ruling dynasty left its own distinctive mark on the landscape – the Romans their agricultural schemes and feudal lords their fortified medieval towns. Perhaps most distinctive are the kasbah-like quarters of many towns and cities, a vestige of the Saracen conquest of the ninth century.The one at Bari is the biggest and most atmospheric. The Normans endowed Puglia with splendidly ornate cathedrals, while the Baroque exuberance of towns like Lecce and Martina Franca are testament to the Spanish legacy.

Of course Trullis the unique dwellings that are traditional to the Puglia region of Italy are Apulian dry stone huts with a conical roof. Their style of construction is specific to the Itria Valley, in the Murge area of the Italian region of Apulia. Trulli were generally constructed as temporary field shelters and storehouses or as permanent dwellings by small proprietors or agricultural labourers.

Three reasons to move to this region:

  • The beaches
  • The perfect Mediterranean weather
  • The food and wine

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Las Juntas De Miller

This area of the Sierra de Segura Spain has been populated by Iberians, Romans and Arabs. There are numerous archaeological remains to be found. Here the Segura and Zumeta rivers join in channels and picturesque valleys. A few kilometers away is the beautiful Spanish tourist village of Las Juntas De Miller.

The landscape around Las Juntas De Miller is stunning with steep valleys and mostly thick forest with pines, cypress, poplar, oak, ash and olive. This area is a typical Mediterranean forest with rivers and many lakes.

The area is superb for hiking, walking, climbing, rafting, canyoning and paragliding. The lake is wide in many places where you can fish for trout or cool off in the hot summer months.

Magnificent views of Las Juntas De Miller can be enjoyed from the area known as Loma del Paeron. Here there is a natural viewing point offering splendid panoramic views of the valleys. Opposite are the Canas de la Muela, home to a large colony of griffon vultures. Also to be found is the ancient Iberian settlement of Penbon de los Almendros and the hamlet of Gontar. Las Juntas De Miller is a great spot for adventure holidays or just chilling out.

Las Juntas de Miller can be reached via the JF-7038, 22 kilometres on from Santiago de la Espada. You can also get there from Segura de la Sierra, following the road towards Rio Madera and La Toba. It is a journey of 54 kilometres via this route, and takes approximately one hour.

This is truly a magical area well worth the effort to discover its charms.

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Reasons to move to this area.

  • Diverse climate with hot summers and cool winters.
  • Government help with tourist business start ups.
  • Friendly people.
  • Amazing landscapes and forests.
  • A great area to operate rural and adventure tourism.