Unique Businesses For Sale presents this EcoWashing Machine Sales Agencies for sale UK and Europe.

EcoWashing Machine Sales Agencies for sale – Something comes along now and then which we all in time look back and say. “Wish I had been part of that”… Well this is really one of those times.

About the product. A British invention from Quench.es who have already been extremely successful with other products. This product addresses the problems of today and the future. The humble or not so humble washing machine, this hasn’t really changed for decades. Now Quench.es have changed it in a very big way.

The Hybrid machine, which Quench.es has patented reuses the wash water of the washing machine. It is filtered clean within the machine and then stored in a tank within the machine. This can then be reused.

This process can happen several times. The saving in water amounts to an amazing 5,000 litres a year.

The machine is a hybrid and can also be used as a normal machine, without using the internal tank. This is especially good for heavily soiled clothes.

However most clothes we wash regular are not really that dirty mainly just smelly. Some 80% of washing is for the purpose of being slightly dirty and smelly.

The user just selects the ECO button and the machine will use the tank water in the machine for the wash cycle.

The main USPs of the machine are.

Saves up to 5,000 or more ltrs of fresh clean water each year (tank storage inside)

Saves up to 60% electricity (heating water from room temperature)

Uses/requires 50% less washing liquid ( Water is softened by the filtration)

Catches Microfibres (Stops pollution into the seas and oceans)

Area agents are required. You will have exclusivity of your own area. Either by postcode or agreed location. You will establish a network of retailers who have pull-up banners and sales tools to sell the machines for you. They do not need carry any stock. Mainly small to medium privately owned, with an eye on saving the environment will be the best outlets.

Once an order is placed you will install the machine. You get paid for the install, the more you installs the more you get paid. The retailer who sold the machine via our website, referral or direct contact to us will receive a commission for the sale.

It doesn’t stop there…. You can also receive the sales commission…!! as you will be able to also sell the machines on your area at fairs, fetes, shopping centres, etc… You will have demo machines, pull up banners and leaflets all fantastic sales tools to get the orders and installs.

Each year for example in the UK some 3.5-4.0 million washing machines are sold. We anticipate you can earn form your area 20-30 mile radius £/€/$ 200,000 minimum per year. Most homes have to have a washing machine. Most people will want a money saving, environment saving, power saving and microfibre catching machine….!!

You can also sell the special wash liquid developed for the machines to the outlets you have or direct to the public.

The brand is Quench.es and they have chosen not to use the big boys white good outlets. The patented machine is all designed for saving the environment saving money and saving C02.

Internet sales from your area which come direct to Quench.es. These will also be your sales and installs.

Any possible breakdowns and service calls will be handled by Quench.es and the service network.

Areas are available from £/€/$ 25,000 and they are for a period of 2 years, renewable at 50% discount. Looking for unique business opportunities or selling your unique business? Contact us here, we can help.

Interested in this affordable entry level eco business opportunity? Contact Unique Businesses For Sale below, for more information.

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