Business startup the things to consider

Business startup – Things to Consider Before Starting a New Business. To start a business is not easy, business startup requires courage, planning and careful implementation. There has been a contradiction on how best to start, some people say you need the idea and skills to provide a service or product, then you can look […]

Puglia Region of Italy

The Puglia region of Italy is the long strip of land, 400km from north to south, that makes up the heel of Italy. For centuries it was a strategic province, colonized, invaded and conquered by just about every major power of the day – from the Greeks through to the Spanish. The Puglia region of […]

Las Juntas De Miller

This area of the Sierra de Segura Spain has been populated by Iberians, Romans and Arabs. There are numerous archaeological remains to be found. Here the Segura and Zumeta rivers join in channels and picturesque valleys. A few kilometers away is the beautiful Spanish tourist village of Las Juntas De Miller. The landscape around Las […]